Fort Irwin & NTC Protocol Office

Steps for Distinguished Visitors:

1. All Visitors to NTC O-6 and Above must go through a Visit Approval Process by NTC G-3 and FORSCOM per FORSCOM REG 350-50-1

2. Complete the NTC Visit Request Form (American visitors Request Forms are to be submitted 30 days Prior, Foreign visit Request Forms are to be submitted 60 days Prior) NTC Visit Request Form

3. Upon completion, submit form to the mailbox below:

4. NTC Protocol will vet request through NTC G-3 and contact Requestor on approval status within 48 hours

5. Upon Approval, NTC Protocol will assist in itinerary development, lodging reservations, and other visit requirements.

Contact Information:

Protocol Office: 760-380-3000
DV Lodging Reservations: 760-380-4224
Chief of Protocol: 760-380-4223
NCOIC: 760-380-4228

Civilian Attire:

-Cargo/Jean Pants
-Hiking Boots
-Kevlar Helmet (will be provided if needed)
-Eye/Hearing Protection (will be provided if needed)
-Cold Weather Gear (if needed)
-Sun Screen -Refillable Water Source

Military Attire:

-IOTV (during live fire exercise)
-Eye Pro