Foreign Visit Requests

Foreign visit requests must be submitted 120 days prior to the desired visit date.

Foreign visit requests should begin with the foreign embassy concerned and the request should be submitted to the following:
Army Foreign Liaison, Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence (ODCSINT)
Headquarters, Department of the Army
Washington, DC 20310

The ODCSINT will staff the visit request with FORSCOM, AFIN-SD, through the OSD Foreign Visit System. A courtesy copy may be sent to FORSCOM at:
Commander, Forces Command
1777 Hardee Avenue, SW
Fort McPherson, GA 30330-1062

Memos may be faxed to FORSCOM at the following numbers:
DSN: 367-6328
COM: 404-464-6328

Visit requests should include the following:

Name and Grade_______________________________________________


Current Position/Title___________________________________________

Dates of Intended Visit__________________________________________

Total in Party__________________________________________________

Purpose for the Visit____________________________________________

First Time to Visit the NTC_______________________________________

Dates of Previous Visit__________________________________________

Type of Training Activity to be Visited______________________________

Specific Persons to be Contacted_________________________________

POC for Additional Information___________________________________