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America’s war fighters have been defending our freedoms in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than a decade. Did you know that Afghanistan is just a short 20 minute drive from Fort Irwin? Fort Irwin, located 37 miles northwest of Barstow, CA, is home to the National Training Center (NTC). The NTC is renowned by Soldiers Sailors, Airmen and Marines worldwide for its tough, realistic training, unforgiving terrain, and uncluttered space to hone their warrior skills.

Monthly, visitors can experience firsthand how America’s warriors prepare for deployment. That preparation is done through our Afghan villages and culture, the austere environment, terrorists, insurgents, local populace, tribal/government officials, and the most technologically advanced and elaborate training facilities in the world.

The National Training Center’s mission is to provide tough, realistic joint and combined arms training for units prior to their deployment overseas. Every month an Army unit, along with support from the Marines, Air Force, and the Navy, come together at the NTC and conduct their final preparation exercise prior to deployment. During their two week intensive training at Fort Irwin, units prepare for their “worst day ever” in combat. Our focus is for units to prepare here to save lives while deployed. During their training at the NTC, units must interact with Afghan speaking role players, terrorist cells, insurgents, criminal networks, civilian authorities and military forces.

The tour begins at 9:15 a.m. at Painted Rocks and includes an overview by the senior leadership of the installation, question and answer opportunity, a short film, installation tour, lunch in one of our Dining Facilities, and a trip to the training area, better known as the “Box.” Visitors will also have a chance to visit the museum and gift shop.

If you’re interested in experiencing how America’s war fighters train before they deploy, book a tour today and bring your camera!

Tours are conducted from 9:15 a.m. till 3:30 p.m. Dates and times are tentative and could change based on our rotational training calendar.

*Reservations are only accepted 30 days before the tour date.

2018 Box Tour Dates

This link is for the date listed only! Aug. 31: Click Here


**Requirements to register for the box tour
No children under the age of 12 are allowed to take the tour.
The tour is free of charge excluding cost of lunch. Lunch is at our dining facility and accepts cash only and no tank tops are allowed in the dining facility.

The museum gift shop accepts cash, debit and credit cards.

All participants must have a valid government ID, or Driver License.

Closed toe shoes and eye protection are required. Sunscreen and hats are recommended. Also, participants must be able to walk short distances, climb stairs and stand for approximately one hour or more.

Warning-During the months of Jun-Sept, the temperatures for the installation will normally reach triple digits. While we are in the training area you will be exposed to the environment. The training area consists of rugged terrain and is not handicap accessible.

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