Fort Irwin Directorate of Emergency Services

DES Director
MAJ Rahsaan Jackson

DES Deputy Director
Mike Butolph

MSG David Sweeney

DES Mission

Our mission is to adhere to a philosophy that allows law enforcement and community residents to work closely together in creative ways to solve the problems of crime and the fear of crime, with commitment to maintaining human rights, the protection of property, and the preservation of life. Through professionalism and excellence, we strive to ensure the safety and security of our, family members, service members, and those that conduct business on Ft Irwin.

DES Vision

Our vision is to become the most progressive and efficient law enforcement agency in the Military. This requires the dedication of each employee to adhere to the fundamental values that we deem essential by this office in order to fulfill our mission. We actively require the participation of each employee into the philosophy of community oriented policing. This philosophy allows law enforcement and residents to collectively identify and address crime and disorder concerns in our community, and develop ways to reduce and prevent problems from occurring in the future. The following values form the foundation upon which we build to accomplish our mission.

Areas of Responsibility

AWOL Abatement – The Fort Irwin AWOL Abatement Team handles AWOL returnees throughout the State of California and neighboring states. Although, some individuals have been apprehended in Hawaii and even as far as Germany. Contact the AWOL Team at 760-380-5684 or 760-380-2707.

Law Enforcement Reporting – Fort Irwin serves as the primary Law Enforcement reporting agency for Army DoD agencies in California and surrounding areas; including the Presidio at Monterey, National Guard Units in California, and other DoD agencies, available at 760-380-2707 for non-emergency reporting, or dial 9-1-1 for emergency.

Fire Strike Team Task Force – The Fort Irwin Fire Department also serves in mutual aid capacity throughout the State and neighboring states on the Strike Team Task Force, and provides much needed assistance to surrounding areas as necessary.


Emergency: 911

Report an Unexploded Ordinance: 760-380-4092 / Cell: 760-447-2431

Non-Emergency Police 760-380-4444 / 4400

Watch Officer 760-380-2707

Fire Dept 760-380-3496

Emergency Room 760-380-3114

Range Control 760-380-3878 / 3637

Main Gate 760-380-2255

Animal Control "Wildlife" 760-380-3740
Lost pet 760-380-4444
Dead Animal: 760-380-4099