Mission: The mission of the Brigade Training Team (Broncos) is to coach, teach and mentor brigade commanders, staffs, and separate companies/platoons on the applications and execution of combined arms doctrine to improve the war fighting skills of the Brigade Combat Team.

This mission is accomplished in a two-step process. First, the team observes, controls, and trains the Brigade Combat Team headquarters along with its brigade troops through the conduct of continuous tactical operations. These operations include Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration (RSOI), Brigade Combat Team operations against an Opposing Force (OPFOR) Brigade Tactical Group, and live fire operations under simulated combat conditions. The team's knowledge of Army doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures along with its supervision and enforcement of the exercise scenario, exercise operating procedures, live fire procedures, range and post policies are essential in accomplishing this role. The second and final step in accomplishing the team's mission is providing feedback. The team provides feedback, both formal and informal, to the Brigade Combat Team headquarters throughout the rotation in the form of post mission after-action reviews (AARs) at all levels and written Take Home Packets of lessons learned for the unit. Lastly, the team provides recommendations in the areas of organization, equipment, and doctrine for the Brigade Combat Team.