Secretary of the General Staff

The NTC Secretary of the General Staff team serves as a focal point for command and staff actions at the NTC and Fort Irwin. They also coordinate Command Group actions with General and Special Staff. The SGS team also provides timely and accurate information to the command group as well as supervises administrative support and coordinates with protocol section for visiting dignitaries. Most importantly, the SGS team serves as the Command Group office manager, meaning having the responsibility to provide a complete spectrum of executive services, to include suspense management, quality control of executive correspondence, and maintenance of command and social calendars.

Contact Information

Secretary of the General Staff
COM: (760) 380-3611
DSN: 470-3611

SGS Administrative Assistant
COM: (760) 380-6260
DSN: 470-6260

COM: (760) 380-6222
DSN: 470-6222

For secure email and messages, please contact the SGS at (760) 380-3611 in order to receive our SIPRNET address and secure fax line number. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the NTC SGS team, please contact us at these numbers listed above.