Fort Irwin Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) First Sergeants Barracks Program

“Train The Force”

First Sergeant Barracks Program (FSBP) 2020

NTC/Fort Irwin FSBP 2020 is dedicated to providing quality living quarters for single Soldiers. The single Soldier barracks rooms are their homes and NTC/Fort Irwin is dedicated to provide our single Soldiers quality unaccompanied housing (UH) facility that is commensurate to the service they provide to this country. FSBP 2020 will continue to provide this same quality of room by optimizing the available resources Army wide, while maintaining the Army’s commitment to providing single Soldiers with quality homes.

Fort Irwin UH office is the link between the garrison staff and the unit housing management offices. This office is charged with providing oversight of Fort Irwin’s FSBP 2020. We are committed to ensuring quality housing will always be provided to the single Soldiers living on this installation.


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