Exchange / Commissary Special Order Forms

Commissary Directions:

Please include the following:

  • 1. Brief description of item requested to include universal product code (UPC) bar code on package, if known. Brand, size, any other information to help identify the item.
  • 2. Amount quantity requested.
  • 3. Date like to have available.
  • 4. Patron's contact information.
Also note that if the product is perishable (Chilled) then a minimum of a case must be ordered, if not regular stocked merchandise. However, if the item is semi-perishable (Dry Goods cans, boxes, jars) with longer shelf life we will hold the case and allow the patron to buy as much and when they like. Due to limited shelf space we may not be able to carry the items on our shelves, but this will allow us to meet their demand. The reason for a case of perishable is we do not want to order a case of i.e. 12 and sell three and throw away nine as a loss to the commissary.

The patron can find these forms by the main exit or ask any commissary employee for a form, a box is also located in the same area to return the form or they can give it to a commissary employee.

Commissary Order Form

Exchange Directions:

Please fill out the following form and drop it off at the Main Exchange.

Exchange Order Form