School Liaison Officer (SLO)

Bldg 109 Rm 109
Langford Lake Rd
Office information:
Hours: 07:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Silver Valley High School (Grades 9-12)
35484 Daggett-Yermo Rd
Yermo, CA 92398
760-254-2963 ext 2
School Hours: 7:20am-2:25pm
Minimum Days: every Wed: Time 12:10pm
Check Website for additional information

Fort Irwin Middle School (Grades: 6-8)
1700 Pork Chop Hill Rd
Fort Irwin, CA 92310
School Hours: 8:15am-2:56pm
Early Out Wed. & Minimum Days: 1:11pm
Check Website for additional information

Tiefort View Intermediate School (Grades: 3-5)
8700 Anzio
Fort Irwin, CA 92310
School Hours: 8:40am-3:05pm
Early out Wed and Minimum Days:1:10pm
Check Website for additional information

Lewis Elementary (Grades: K-2)
1800 hawk
Fort Irwin, CA 92310
School Hours: 8:00am
Dismissal: K:2:00pm, 1st and 2nd: 2:25pm
Early Out Wed. and Minimum Days:
Dismissal: K: 12:00pm, 1st and 2nd:12:25pm
Check Website for additional information

Colin Powell State Preschool
760-386-7940 ext 200
School Hours: A.M. 7:45-10:45 P.M. 11:30-2:30

Colin Powell Preschool Physical Requirements:
Any child wishing to attend the Colin Powell Preschool will need to have a physical and TB clearance prior to being able to start school. When parents come to register their child, they will need to bring with them a current physical and TB clearance (within 12 months) in addition to the other information. Their child cannot start school until we have it in hand. Please call 380-3124 to make an appointment.