Army Heliport at Barstow-Daggett (AHAB) Water Quality Report:

The Army Heliport at Barstow-Daggett (AHAB) Water Quality Report contains important information about Fort Irwin's water. The report is published every June for the previous year

2017 Water Quality Report - PDF

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Fort Irwin has recently completed the Year 2017 Water Quality Report for Army Heliport at Barstow-Daggett (AHAB). While Army Heliport at Barstow-Daggett (AHAB)’s Water System is operated by CH2M, compliance responsibilities still reside with the U.S. Army. CH2M routinely monitors (on behalf of Fort Irwin) for constituents in the drinking water according to Federal and State laws. The full results of the monitoring for the period of January 1st through December 31st 2017 are available on the web at This is the second year we have published a report for AHAB. The website also contains information about Fort Irwin’s Water quality

It is important to Fort Irwin that our customers be informed about water quality on AHAB.
MUY IMPORTANTE: Este informe contiene informacion muy importante sobre su agua beber. Traduzcalo `o hable con alguien que lo entienda bien.

The Year 2017 Water Quality Report meets all requirements for the Consumer Confidence Report for 2017. The Environmental Protection Agency and the State of California Title 22 requires that this report be prepared and posted by the community water system on an annual basis to keep the public informed.  Fort Irwin is required to report all the water quality results taken during 2017. AHAB’s report contains information on the source of the water and any contaminants that may be present in the source water. This report’s purpose is to improve public health protection by providing educational material to allow consumers to make educated decisions regarding any potential health risks pertaining to the quality, treatment, and management of their drinking water supply.

While the water at AHAB was sampled for lead and copper in 2017, the sampling conducted did not meet the state's requirement for number of samples. We missed a six-month sampling event requiring 10 water samples to be tested for lead and copper. As a result AHAB was issued a Citation, dated April 30, 2018. We are required to monitor your drinking water for specific contaminates on a regular basis. Results of regular monitoring are an indicator of whether or not our drinking water meets health standards. During 2017 we did not meet all the requirements for lead and copper monitoring and therefore cannot be sure of the quality of our drinking water during that time. As a user of our water there is no action to be taken at this time. If you have health concerns concerning the consumption of this water, you may wish to consult your doctor. Fort Irwin has conducted sampling in May 2018 and will conduct sampling in July 2018 to meet the state’s sampling requirements. If you are concerned you may contact us for the most recent results at 760-380-5044.

This year’s AHAB Water Quality Report is available on the Fort Irwin website at For questions concerning this report or concerning the water system, please contact the Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Division at (760) 380-5044 or (760) 380-4987.
Last Updated 28 June 2018