NTC and Fort Irwin Sponsorship Program

Welcome and congratulations on your assignment to the National Training Center and Fort Irwin. We view sponsorship of you and your family as an important part of your successful relocation to Fort Irwin. It is highly recommended that every Soldier request a sponsor and make contact with that sponsor prior to arriving at Fort Irwin. Additionally, most Soldiers do not realize that Fort Irwin is located approximately 37 miles from the nearest town, so ensure you access all areas of the Fort Irwin website, specifically visit the Newcomers link to obtain additional information.

How to apply for a sponsor: In order to better assist you with your relocation to Fort Irwin, we ask that if you do not have a sponsor, fill out the DA Form 5434 and email it to the NTC G-1. NTC G1 Strength Management will promptly respond, and forward your request to the gaining Brigade S1 for sponsorship assignment. A sponsor will contact you by e-mail or letter with information about your new unit, Fort Irwin and our surrounding communities. Your sponsor can also provide first-hand knowledge of housing, schools, vehicle registration and MWR activities. If your sponsor or unit has not contacted you within 30 days of your assignment to Fort Irwin, please send a follow up email to the mailbox above in order to ensure that the S1 has received your request for sponsor and that a sponsor is assigned. Please include the date you made the original request for sponsor to better assist you.

DA Form 5434

Email G-1