Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

Magistrate Court
Court will be held in the Fort Irwin Courtroom Bldg. 239, on the following Dates:
8 September 2016
17 November 2016
12 January 2017
9 March 2017

If you have received a traffic ticket, know your rights!
If you have not completed traffic school within the past 18 months you MAY qualify for traffic school. To determine if you qualify DO NOT PAY YOUR TICKET contact the Magistrate Court Liaison Mr. Seals FIRST at 760-380-4931.

To pay your ticket please go to

If you received a “fix it ticket” i.e your tints are too dark, driving without your registration, License or insurance, DO NOT WAIT FOR COURT. Bring the proper documentation along with a copy of your ticket to BLD 326 and ask for the Magistrate Court Liaison Mr. Seals at 760-380-4931