Legal Assistance

The Legal Assistance Division advises and assists active duty service members and retirees, their dependents, and reservists on active duty for more than 29 days with personal, civil and legal matters. Services include: powers of attorney, notary services, preparation of wills, advising and assisting with domestic relations, non-support, consumer protection, landlord tenant issues, appeals of OERs and NCOERs, GOMOR and FLIPL rebuttals.

Hours of Operation

Monday: 0800-1600

Tuesday: 0800-1600

Wednesday: 0800-1600

Thursday: 1300-1600

Friday: 0800-1600, 0800-1100 Walk-ins


  • Fill out the Client Questionnaire (LINK TO QUESTIONAIRE)
  • Call or come to the office to make an appointment. When you come for your appointment, please bring your Questionnaire, ID card, and any documentation you may have pertaining to your case.
  • Emergencies will be seen at the discretion of the Chief of Client Services
Powers of Attorney and Notarizations
  • Powers of Attorney and Notary are done on a walk in basis
  • DO NOT sign your documents until you are in front of the Notary.
  • Please have your military ID and your driver’s license.

Legal Services. General advice and assistance in the following areas:

•Personal Civil Disputes and Real Property Issues
o Contracts and Leases
o Auto Warranties and Lemon Law

• Economic Matters

o Insurance
o Garnishment Orders
o Involuntary Allotments

• Family Matters

o Adoption
o Dependent Support
o Separation and Divorce
o Child Custody

• Military Matters

o FLIPL rebuttals and request for reconsideration
o GOMOR rebuttals
o OER/NCOER rebuttals
o Surviving spouse issues

• Special Victim’s Counsel

o Information

• Tax Center

o Information

• Preventive Law

• Estate Planning

o Click here for “Will Worksheet”
o Wills are done by appointment only on Tuesdays
o Bring completed Will Worksheet to your appointment

• We do not provide assistance in the following:
• Military Justice matters
• Private business activities
• Claims against the Government
• Employment matters

Information Paper Links:

Client questionnaire
Will worksheet
Divorce questionnaire
Procedures for Divorce or Separation
Power of Attorney Application
Stepparent Adoption • Guardianship
Family Care Plans
Fort Irwin Magistrate Court
Procedures for Name Change
Adjustment of Citizenship Status
Soldier’s Guide to Citizenship
Petitioning for your Alien Relative/ Fiancé
Family Support AR 608-99
Small Claims Court
Conflicts of Interest