Directions to Fort Irwin

Directions -

Fort Irwin is located approximately 37 miles northeast of Barstow, California in the High Mojave Desert midway between Las Vegas, Nevada and San Bernardino, California.

You can call the Replacement Detachment prior to your arrival to obtain detailed information about the best mode of transportation between servicing airports and Fort Irwin.

You can call the AG Replacement Detachment at, (760) 380-4747/3006 or DSN 470-4747/3006 upon arrival. Collect calls are accepted from the three servicing airports. If other transportation is not available, the Replacement Detachment will dispatch a van (if available) to pick you up. (Be prepared to wait a minimum of three hours at the airport, as the van must travel from Fort Irwin to the airport.) Due to the distance from Fort Irwin to the servicing airports, AG Replacement personnel will not dispatch a van unless you are physically present at the airport.

Arriving by Car

Fort Irwin is accessible via Interstate Highways 40 and 15, State Highways 58 and 247. All highways will lead into I-15. If traveling North (towards Las Vegas) on I-15 get off at the Fort Irwin Road exit. At the stop sign make a left and drive approximately 37 miles until you reach the front gate. If traveling South (towards San Bernardino) on I-15 get off at the Fort Irwin Road exit. At the stop sign make a right and drive approximately 37 miles until you reach the front gate. Make sure you have a valid drivers license, Military ID, current vehicle registration and proof of insurance or you will be delayed at the gate. If possible, you should plan your arrival during daylight hours especially if you have reservations at the Landmark Inn on post. The desert can be very dark at night and roads are not well lit. There are no gas stations between Barstow and Fort Irwin, so make sure you have enough gas in your car before exiting on Fort Irwin Road. Map websites do not have pinpoint directions to Fort Irwin. The closest a mapping website can get is Barstow and you might need an address or zip code. The zip code for Ft. Irwin is 92310. The zip code for Barstow is 92311. To create and print a map click here and click on the state view of the map. Otherwise buy a map of California and become familiar with the highway system, you will be glad you did!

Arriving by Air

The nearest airports are located in Ontario, CA (120 miles), Los Angeles, CA (175 miles) and Las Vegas, NV (180 miles). If you arrive at one of the above airports, you will need to make arrangements for transportation from the airport to Barstow.

Additional Arrival Options - For other methods of arrival, visit the Military Homefront website, type in "Fort Irwin", and select search. This will take you to everything there is to know about NTC-Fort Irwin