· Original Marriage Certificate

· Birth Certificate (Must contain the name of at least one parent)

· SS Card or other official document showing social security number (See Documentation section above)

· Photo ID issued by state or local government

Final Divorce Decree, annulment or death certificate (if Sponsor or Spouse has a previous marriage)

Newborn/Children (If parents are not married, see Illegitimate Child section below)

· Birth Certificate or Hospital Proof of Birth must contain the name of the Sponsor

· Social Security Card (if received); if not a TIN (Temporary Identification Number) will be generated by the RAPIDS system

An individual with a TIN has three 90-day grace periods to acquire an SSN or their Direct Care at a MTF (Military Treatment Facility) may be suspended per AFI 1.24.2

Step Children

· Original Marriage Certificate

· Birth Certificate or Hospital Proof of Birth

· Social Security Card

Adopted Children

· Final Adoption Decree or documentation from authorized placement agency under the Department of Human Services

· Birth Certificate

· Social Security Card


· Court order granting custody to the Sponsor. Court order must stipulate that the child will be in the care and custody of the Sponsor for no less than twelve (12) consecutive months. The court order can designate length of custody by age, time or permanency.

· Birth Certificate

· Social Security Card

Illegitimate Child

· Birth Certificate

· Social Security Card


· Dependency Determination from DFAS

· Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity from the State in which the child was born

· Court Order establishing paternity

Child Born Overseas

· FS 240 (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) or DS Form 1350 (Certification of Report of Birth)

· Social Security Card


Children receive an ID card at the age 10 unless DUAL Military or Single Parent. Other conditions may apply, i.e. the child’s temporary guardian lives away from the parent’s duty station and must use a medical facility other than the one keeping the child’s records; or the child resides temporarily away from the sponsor and there is no eligible spouse.