Proof of Identity is mandatory; Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD12) requires two forms of identification to process ID cards for all adults.
ALL customers who are age 21 and older must have two (unexpired) forms of ID to receive a new ID card. One must be a state/government issued photo ID. Some acceptable forms of identification include: Military ID Card, Driver's License, Photo ID issued by Federal, State or Local Government, Passport, School ID with Photograph, SSN Card, Native American Tribal Documents, Voters Registration Card, Birth Certificate, Hospital Record, or School Record. Please visit 9.pdf for a complete list of acceptable forms.
Documents must be original. True certified copies of the originals are also accepted; All Foreign documents must be originals with an Apostille and translated in English.
ALL court documentation must be state or county certified stating that it has been filed and recorded in the courthouse
SSNs will no longer be printed on ID cards and should not be relied on as a unique ID number. These changes will occur when the cardholders' expired cards are renewed. ID cards can be renewed 60 days prior to the expiration date.