DFAS Dependency Packets are NOT submitted through the DEERS/ID Card Office, nor can we assist in completing the paperwork. We do have a guidance sheet available in our Office. The following website denotes where the paperwork can be sent and who should be contacted should additional questions arise. DD Forms for dependency determination are also available on this website:


Parents must bring in Photo ID, SSN, DD 1172, DD 27-88 and birth certificate of Sponsor

Parent-in-law must bring in Photo ID, SSN, DD 1172, and DD 27-88. Marriage certificate of Sponsor and Spouse along with birth certificate of Spouse

Incapacitated child photo ID, SSN, DD1172, DD 27-88, medical sufficiency statement (memorandum from doctor)

Ward must bring in birth certificate, SSN, (Photo ID if over 18 yrs of age), DD 1172 and DD 27-88

NOTE: Dependency Package must be recertified every 4 years