Current vacancy announcements for Army Appropriated Fund (APF) positions, to include those serviced by the Fort Irwin CPAC, are available at the US Army Civilian Personnel OnLine web site, commonly referred to as CPOL

Civilian Personnel Online (CPOL)

To search the vacancy announcements at CPOL, click on the Employment Opportunities link on the main CPOL page. At the Employment Opportunities page, click on the Army Vacancy Announcements link, which will take you to the Vacancy Announcement Search page. You will be presented with several search options, to include vacancy announcement number, occupational categories, by State, etc., so be sure to scroll down and review the entire page. Search results will be presented in a table format; to view/print a specific Vacancy Announcement click on the Vacancy Announcement Number link. Each Vacancy Announcement contains complete details on the position and how to apply for it, to include what documentation is required and where to mail your application package. Be sure you read the ENTIRE announcement carefully and completely.

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