Important Memorandums:

Off-limit Establishments and Designated Areas

NTC Policy Letters

* NEW - Sleeve Rolling / Cuffing Authorization Pertaining to the NTC

NTC Policy 1 (Policies)

NTC Policy 2 (Open Door Policy and CG's hotline)

NTC Policy 3 (EO)

NTC Policy 4 (EEO)

NTC Policy 5 (SHARP)

NTC Policy 6 (Treatment of Persons)

NTC Policy 8 (Warrior & Family Time)

NTC Policy 9 (Continuing Education)

NTC Policy 10 (Medical & Dental No Shows)

NTC Policy 11 (Cantonment Area)

NTC Policy 12 (Prohibited Activities and Items)

NTC Policy 13 (Command Safety Policy)

NTC Policy 14 (Protective Equipment)

NTC Policy 15 (TDY and DTS)

NTC Policy 16 Complaint Process and Procedures

NTC Policy 17 Military Evaluations Procedures


USAG Policy Letters

Policy 1  Curfew for Minor Children

Policy 2 Child Supervision

Policy 3 Privately Owned Weapons

Policy 4  Authorized Residents in Family Housing

Policy 6 Registration of Sex Offenders

Policy 7 Exchange and Commissary Authorized Patrons

Policy 8 Key and Essential Personnel and Designated Housing

Policy 9 Installation Access Control

Policy 10 Management Certificates of Non-Availability

Policy 11 Nannies Employed on the Installation

Policy 12 (Under Review)

Policy 13 Garrison Commander's Open Door Policy

Policy 14 Prohibited Attire for Patron's of Garrison Services

Policy 15 Dignity and Respect

Policy 16 Personal Commercial Solicitation Home-based Businesses in Government Housing and Religious

Policy 17 Thermostat Settings

Policy 18 Drone and RC Aircraft

Policy 19 Death of a Civilian Employee