Purchase card Program

Best practices

Engage management at the highest levels.
Train A/OPCs and cardholders.
Review credit limits and lower as appropriate.
Use the bank’s Electronic Access System (EAS), data mining tools, and agency/ organization technology to run reports for monitoring questionable transactions.
Provide the GSA SmartPay2 card-sized booklet, “Helpful Hints for Purchase Card Use”, with each cardholder application.
Publish frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the purchase card on your agency’s/ organization’s website.
Create a monthly newsletter to reinforce agency/ organization charge card policies and procedures.
Monitor spend by developing ad hoc reports that can be generated via Electronic Access Systems (EAS).
Perform an annual review of all issued cards to determine if each cardholder meets the criteria for continued participation in the federal government purchase charge card program.
Provide comprehensive face-to-face cardholder training as orientation for new cardholders.
Address standards of conduct/ethics and clearly state consequences for misuse.
Discuss agency/organization policy.
Ensure cardholders and A/OPCs fulfill the required refresher training requirements at a minimum every three years, or more frequently as per agency/ organization policy.
Ensure that training is easily accessible.