1st Squadron 11th ACR

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Command Sergeant Major
1st Squadron 11th ACR

CSM' Bio

The 1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, "IRONHORSE," is organized as a modified Combined Arms Battalion with two Mechanized Infantry Troops, two Armor Troops, an Air Defense Artillery Troop and a Headquarters and Headquarters Troop with a total authorized strength of 827 Soldiers, NCOs and Officers.

The Ironhorse Squadron fulfills two missions. The first mission is to execute Rotational Operations at NTC and other locations to prepare Army Brigade Combat Teams and sister service units for combat. For this mission, the Squadron populates several towns in the training area with civilians on the battlefield and also conducts insurgent operations against Army BCTs.

The 1st Squadron's second mission is to deploy to designated areas worldwide and execute decisive combat operations to defeat enemy conventional and insurgent forces. For this mission, the Squadron trains and prepares for war as a Combined Arms Battalion with a full range of individual and collective training focused on preparing for the War on Terror.