11th ACR conducts offensive hybrid threat operations in sector to defeat U.S. BCT’s in training.  On order, deploys in support of worldwide contingency operations.


To provide the US Army the most lethal opposition force in the world, helping enable US Army BCTs to better fight and win the first time against any opponent, anywhere in the world.



    • Professionals above all else – disciplined members of a profession of arms, we do the right thing, live the Army Values and enforce standards.
    • Great teammates to each other, our partners and the US Army.
    • Masters in maneuver warfare – experts at seizing and maintaining the initiative, out shooting, out maneuvering, and out deciding our opponents
    • Experts in our garrison systems that enable us to deliver on the battlefield – in both training and in combat
    • Leadership laboratory – growing and providing the next generation of leaders who set the example and know their business

    ENDSTATE: Our training partners are better prepared to deploy, fight and win anywhere in the world. Our reputation is revered as the most professional lethal maneuver force in the Army, and our troopers and leaders provide expertise and leadership for future generations.

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