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NTC and Fort Irwin Sponsorship Program 

Welcome and congratulations on your assignment to the National Training Center and Fort Irwin.  We view sponsorship of you and your family as an important part of your successful relocation to Fort Irwin.  It is highly recommended that every Soldier request a sponsor and make contact with that sponsor prior to arriving at Fort Irwin.  Additionally, most Soldiers do not realize that Fort Irwin is located approximately 37 miles from the nearest town, so ensure you access all areas of the Fort Irwin website, specifically visit the Newcomers link to obtain additional information.  The NTC Replacement Detachment tab can also provide you with additional travel information as it applies to your arrival to Fort Irwin. 

How to apply for a sponsor:  In order to better assist you with your relocation to Fort Irwin, we ask that if you do not have a sponsor, send an email here and ensure you provide your RANK and FULL NAME, last 4 of SSN, BR/MOS, Email address and projected report date.  NTC G1 Strength Management will promptly respond, and forward your request to the gaining Brigade S1 for sponsorship assignment.  A sponsor will contact you by e-mail or letter with information about your new unit, Fort Irwin and our surrounding communities.  Your sponsor can also provide first-hand knowledge of housing, schools, vehicle registration and MWR activities.  If your sponsor or unit has not contacted you within 30 days of your assignment to Fort Irwin, please send a follow up email to the mailbox above in order to ensure that the S1 has received your request for sponsor and that a sponsor is assigned.  Please include the date you made the original request for sponsor to better assist you. 


The Sponsorship program is designed to assist Soldiers, civilian employees and families to successfully relocate into and out of their commands.  At Fort Irwin, we understand that relocation can be mentally and emotionally demanding, expensive and time consuming.  We are here to assist you and to ensure that your move to Fort Irwin is seamless.  The following information is provided to help you with your move:

Location:  Fort Irwin is located approximately 37 miles northeast of Barstow, California, midway between Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California.  The High Mojave Desert’s hills and mountains surround the installation.  Beautiful sunsets, blue skies, sunny days and wide-open vistas are some of the pleasure of the desert that gives many a sense of freedom.  The nearest airports are located in Ontario, CA (120 miles), Los Angeles, CA (175 miles) and Las Vegas, NV (180 miles).

Reporting Procedures:  All Soldiers arriving at the National Training Center (NTC) must report to the NTC Replacement Detachment to begin inprocessing. The Replacement Detachment is open 24 hours daily and is located in building 109.  For directions and transportation information to Fort Irwin, contact the NTC Replacement Detachment at (760) 380-4747/9095/3006; DSN 470-4747/9095/3006 (from OCONUS dial 312 + DSN); or visit the Replacement Detachment link for additional information. 

Temporary Lodging:  The Landmark Inn, (760) 386-4040 is the only hotel on post and within 35 miles of Fort Irwin. 
Effective May 1, 2011, the Landmark no longer accepts pets in the hotel.  Your next option is to stay at a hotel/motel in Barstow.   Visit the
lodging site to search for off post lodging.  The NTC Replacement Detachment will provide temporary lodging for unaccompanied Soldiers E1-E6 (only) during the inprocessing cycle (2-3 days).

Pet Information – Fort Irwin has an on post kennel called SGT Fuzzbuddy, which can provide boarding while waiting for housing arrangements.  For more information on pricing/other requirements please call (760) 380-7387 or visit their website at  Please note that SGT Fuzzbuddy only has a total of 44 kennels available.  Fort Irwin Pet Policy and Requirements can be accessed at,

Housing:  Fort Irwin has privatized housing.  Soldiers are placed on a waiting list for on-post housing in accordance with the Soldier’s eligibility date. Housing on post for most families and some single Soldiers is often not immediately available upon arrival.  Therefore, many families can expect to live in Barstow for a period of time ranging from a few weeks to several months.  For more information visit the Housing RCI site or call (760) 380-3576 or 760-386-4663.  Fort Irwin does not have a mobile park; but it does have an RV site.  Contact Outdoor Recreation for more information at (760) 380-3434. 

Base Transportation: Currently there is no base transportation on the installation.

Medical Services:  Medical Services are offered through Weed Army Community Hospital, which offers modern facilities with outstanding care.  Specialty care, however, is very limited.  Call Toll Free 1-866-460-5305.

EFMP:  Soldiers with Exceptional Family Members should contact the Fort Irwin EFMP Program Manager at (760) 380-3698, DSN 470-3698 (from OCONUS dial 312 + DSN) before coming to Fort Irwin.  Families not enrolled in EFMP but who have special medical or educational needs should contact their local Army Community Service EFMP manager.

Child Care:  The Cactus Corner is the child development center located on Fort Irwin.  For more information call the Cactus Corner at (760) 380-9441 or visit their website at Child Development Center.

Schools:  Elementary and middle schools on post are part of the California public schools system and are in the Silver Valley District.  For more information visit

NTC Fort Irwin is on Facebook.  Visit for other important information about the Fort Irwin community.

The Army Community Service/Relocation Readiness Program is a key source of information regarding the local area and the moving process.  Contact the Army Community Service Relocation Readiness Program, Phone: (760) 380-3598.

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