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Professional Gear

The Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR), Appendix A, provides the following definition for PROFESSIONAL BOOKS, PAPERS, AND EQUIPMENT (PBP&E). Professional Books Paper and Equipment also commonly called PRO or PRO-Gear. PBP&E are articles of HHG/UB in a member's possession needed for the performance of his/her official duties at the next or a later destination. The items identified, as PBP&E are not counted against your full JFTR weight entitlement. You must provide AFPACS or your counselor an estimated weight of the professional items. The PBP&E must be declared during your initial counseling or prior to HHG/UB pick-up. Any PBP&E items that are not annotated on your inventories, will count against your authorized weight entitlement. This oversight could result in unnecessary excess costs.

Authorized Items
-You may include reference material, instruments, tools, and equipment peculiar to technicians, mechanics, and members of the professions.

-Instruments, tools, and equipment peculiar to technicians, mechanics, and members of the professions.

-An official award given to a member by a Service (or a component thereof) for service performed by the member in the member's capacity or by a professional society or organization U.S. or foreign Government for significant contributions in connection with official duties.  You can include plaques, awards, and trophies if they were presented to you in your official duty capacity.

-Personal computers may qualify as professional equipment if used in the performance of your official duty capacity.  You are entitled to one of each of the following components: Printer, Monitor, CPU, and Scanner etc.

-Specialized clothing such as diving suits, astronauts' suits, flying suits and helmets, band uniforms, chaplains vestments, and other specialized apparel not normal or usual uniform or clothing.

-Communication equipment used by members in association with the MARS (see DODD 4650.2).

Unauthorized Items
-DO NOT include typewriters, file cabinets, desks, or Service Dress uniforms and Battle Dress Uniforms. These items are not considered professional gear.

-Excluded from PBP&E are: sports equipment, household, or shop fixtures or furniture (such as bookcases, study desks, file cabinets, and racks) of any kind even though used in connection with the PBP&E.

-Most service members have some type of PBP&E in their possession. In order to claim PBP&E it's quite simple. During your counseling you will be asked if you have PPB&E. You must indicate in block 8 of the DD Form 1299 (Application for Shipment and Storage of Personal Property) a desire to claim or decline PBP&E. If you don't have PBP&E you will annotate NONE in Block 8 of the DD Form 1299 (Application for Shipment and/or Storage of Personal Property). If you are claiming PRO-Gear you will indicate the estimated weight in block 8 of the DD Form 1299. Remember this is only an estimate. If you claim one pound for PBP&E and ship more you have satisfied the requirements for claiming PRO-Gear. You may elect to ship the PBP&E in your household goods (HHG), unaccompanied baggage (UB), or Non-temporary Storage (NTS) or split the PBP&E between all three.

-Ensure your professional gear is separately marked, weighed, and inventoried. The carrier may use your bathroom scale or a constructive weight of 40 pounds per cubic foot.

-You must ensure the carrier properly identifies professional gear on your INVENTORY, such as Professional Papers (PP), Professional Equipment (PE), Professional Books, Paper and Equipment (PBP&E) or the weight will be counted against your full JFTR weight allowance.

-Prior to signing the carrier's inventory, please perform a thorough check for proper accountability, descriptions of items, damages, and the notation of PBP&E if claimed. After the fact declaration of professional books, papers and equipment is prohibited.  

You may place PBP&E in your Non-temporary storage (NTS). NTS is property that is stored in the local vicinity of your former PDS for the duration of an overseas assignment.  

If there are questions or further concerns regarding the shipment or storage of PBP&E immediately solicit your local ITO/TMO for clarification and guidance.  





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