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The Do-It-Yourself (DITY) Program is an option available to military members or the next of kin of a deceased member. You are authorized payment of 95 percent of what it would cost the Government to move your authorized or actual household goods weight (whichever is less) commercially. Incentives paid, exclusive of the operating allowance, are taxable income and subject to 28 percent Federal Income Tax and State Tax  (if applicable). The program may be used for all or a portion of a member’s weight allowance.

You must complete a DD Form 2278 in order to receive payment under the DITY program.   All other moves are limited to actual cost reimbursement not to exceed what it would have cost the Government to move the actual or authorized weight of the property (whichever is less).  

Any military member eligible to ship household goods at Government expense may move their personal property by the DITY program. This includes members with orders for PCS, TDY, separation or retirement and assignment to, or termination of, Government quarters for the convenience of the Government. Any type of Vehicle is eligible for use in connection with the DITY Program    

Advance Operating Allowances
You may be authorized an advance operating allowance not to exceed 60 percent of the estimated Government cost. This advance is deposited to your bank account via electronic transfer. Advance payment can only be drawn 10 (ten) days in advance of your move. EXCEPTION: Separatees MUST collect their advance PRIOR to separating.    

Weight tickets
Both empty and loaded weight tickets are required to support payment.  For local moves, consecutively numbered weight tickets are required for EACH empty and loaded trip. (No Payment Will Be Paid Without Certified Weight Tickets!)    

Temporary Storage
If you do not have a residence available at your destination, you should contact the destination PPSO prior to making storage arrangements. If you are on PCS, ETS or retirement orders, you have the entitlement for 90 days of temporary storage and an additional 90 days may be approved by your destination PPSO upon your request. NO STORAGE is authorized in connection with a local move. Your destination PPSO may advise you to extend your truck rental not to exceed 15 days, to use a mini-warehouse, or use local contractual storage. Storage and removal of storage is a separate entitlement from your DITY move and is reimbursable by your servicing Finance office.  








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