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Non-Temporary Storage

Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) is long-term storage authorized only in specific cases (such as assignments to an overseas area, when ordered to occupy/vacate government quarters or upon retirement). These entitlements are identified in the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR). Once items go into non-temporary storage, they are going to be there for a long time. So exercise care in separating items to be stored from those to be shipped. If there is any change in your status that would affect your entitlement to NTS (such as consecutive overseas tours or extensions), you are responsible for notifying the transportation office maintaining your NTS account and for providing copies of pertinent documentation reflecting your new date of estimated return from overseas.

The total weight of property shipped and stored should not exceed your authorized weight allowance. In the event you are assigned to a unit where there is a weight restriction imposed, the shipment weight to your new duty station plus the amount shipped to an alternate point, including non-temporary storage, must not exceed your authorized weight allowance.

Your Responsibility
In order to successfully place a lot into storage, you should be aware of what items can be stored and what furniture you want to ship as opposed to storing. You must check your furniture for anything that may attract insects. There may be a Contractor's representative making a pre-storage survey or you may have a survey by telephone. It is important to properly advise the contractor on the survey. Once the contractor has arrived to pick up your lot, you should check the inventory and the exceptions noted on it. Be sure all items are included on your inventory. Notify the Quality Control Office if you have problems or questions.

Picking Up Your Storage Lot
An Inventory and Warehouse Receipt will be prepared to account for your personal property. When it is completed, you are to review it for correctness, and execute signatures and dates with the Contractor. Each piece or carton of your personal property should have an inventory sticker applied to it and the piece number correspondingly entered on the inventory. Do not let the Contractor place inventory stickers on finished surfaces of your personal property. Also, be sure all tagged items are checked off when loaded on the truck. Declared items of extraordinary value will be individually inventoried and packed separately upon approval by the Transportation Ordering Officer. Professional books and equipment will be inventoried separately.

If you have a storage lot pending overseas travel of dependents and a regular non-temporary storage lot being picked up at the same time, be very careful that the right items are recorded on the right inventory.
Cartons will be new or in sound condition, adequate for specific use, dry and clean. Only new cartons will be used for mattresses, box springs, linens, bedding and clothing. All previous identity markings will be removed on used cartons that will be used for other items.

The Contractor is to pack everything. If you pack anything, the Contractor is required to open and check the containers to determine if the items and method of packing are acceptable for storage. There is no Packed by Owner (PBO) allowed. If a suitcase, trunk, or footlocker is locked, you are required to unlock the item so the Contractor can inspect the contents.

Pickup Date
You (or the representative you have designated in writing) must be at the pickup address between 0800 and 1700 on the day of the pickup. Items Not Acceptable for Storage Trailers, with or without other property, boats, plants, fruits, flowers, explosive and flammables, (matches, cleaning fluid, gasoline, oil, photo flash bulbs, fireworks, flints, acids, chemicals, gun powder, ammo caps, loaded ammo, aerosol cans, etc.), animals, motor vehicles, (autos) any item of caustic effect on personal property

Time Limits
The entitlement to NTS is based on the member's status as outlined in the table below. The entitlement begins on the date orders are issued and continues as long as any of the situations listed below exist. When termination of entitlement in one situation is followed by the beginning of another situation mentioned in the following table, the period of entitlement is continuous.   





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