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Welcome to the NTC Fort Irwin PPSO. Our inbound services section manages all functions related to the tracing, storing and delivery of personal property.  

Personal Property Arrival
Upon arrival of your personal property, we will make every effort to  contact you before we place your property in storage. If you would like to verify whether your household goods are in or not you can;

Call one of our transportation agents at COMM: 760-380-5331, DSN: 470-5331 between the hours of 0730-1630

Providing Points of Contact
It is very important we have a way to contact you should your personal property arrive or your temporary storage entitlement expires. Please ensure we have your most current mailing address, e-mail address, duty, home or cell phone. Also confirm we have the names of any receiving agents you have appointed. You can verify or update this information using any of the following means;

Call one of our transportation agents at COMM: 760-380-5331, DSN: 470-5331.  

Requesting Tracer Actions
Tracer actions of personal property are not initiated until the day after the Required Delivery Date (RDD). This date can be found on your copy of the Government Bill of Lading (GBL, Block 8) or by contacting our office. To request tracer actions or check on a late shipment contact our office by;

Calling our transportation representative at COMM: 760-380-5331, DSN: 470-5331.

Extending Temporary Storage
Your basic entitlement for temporary storage is 90 days. You may apply for an additional 90 days.  Some criteria to extend temporary storage are:
 -  Serious illness of the member (include doctors statement)
 -  Serious illness or death of a dependent
 -  Impending assignment to Government quarters (include letter from housing office assigning quarters within extension  period)
 -  Directed TDY after arrival at permanent station (include copies of TDY orders)
 -  Non-availability of suitable civilian housing
 -  Awaiting completion of residence under construction (include statement from builder)
 -  Acts of God

Note: The intent of the temporary storage entitlement is not long-term storage. It is intended to give the service member sufficient time to find quarters that will accommodate the property shipped to the new duty station.

You must submit your extension request prior to your current storage expiration date and the request must be approved by the transportation office storing your personal property.  

Scheduling Delivery
To schedule the delivery of your personal property you will need an address and date (week day / non-holiday). You can schedule your delivery over the phone or through email.

Call one of our transportation agents at COMM: 760-380-5331, DSN: 470-5331  






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