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Veterinary Health Issues 

Canine Parvovirus:  Parvovirus (Parvo) is a viral disease of dogs which can lead to bloody diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, septic infection, and death in young dogs.  Older dogs that are unvaccinated may also be affected.  There is a high prevalence of this disease on post.  It is for this reason that we recommend that puppies not be boarded or otherwise allowed to socialize with other dogs from outside their household until they have completed their initial vaccination series.  Parvo is one of the diseases that all dogs should be vaccinated for annually.

Dog fights, dog aggression:  The canine population on post is overrepresented by several breeds which are potentially labeled ‘aggressive’ by many standards.  As a result dog fight injuries occur at an unfortunate frequency on post.  Please make sure your pets are restrained on a leash when outside your home and take the time to teach your pet proper manners when in public.  Dog fight injuries can result in large veterinary bills and legal action on the part of the affected party.  Furthermore, aggressive dogs which endanger the safety of others, be it pet or human, will not be tolerated on post.

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