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Youth Sponsorship 
Youth sponsorship helps new Fort Irwin students 

Youth sponsorship helps new Fort Irwin

Are you a student in grades 6-12 whose Family has recently moved to the Fort Irwin area or is moving to Fort Irwin soon? Then Youth Sponsorship is for you. Youth Sponsorship links up young people new to the Fort Irwin area with their own youth sponsor.

Your sponsor—matched with you according to gender, age, grade and interests—will help you become familiar with Fort Irwin and surroundings.

He or she can help with the following:

  • Learn your way around post and at school.
  • Find out about activities around post.
  • Introduce you to others who are in the same grade as you.
  • Correspond with you by email before you move.

For more information about youth sponsorship, please contact me at 380-6880 or Email


 Questions and Answers

1. How is the weather? During the summer it is very hot and dry. Sometimes it gets very windy. During the winter it gets very cold and dry; it does not snow but is especially windy during the winter months.  

2. How is the community? The community is very small, everyone knows everyone, people are generally friendly and there is a variety of backgrounds.  

3. How is the food? There are many places to eat. We have the Food Court, ShockWave, Reggies, Burger King, Popeye’s, Johnny Tsunami’s, Chinese Express, StrikeZone, Mexican Food, Taco Bell, Eisten's Bagels, Starbucks and The Hawaiian BBQ.

4. How is the wildlife? There are many different types of animals; we have coyotes, birds (such as road runners, quails, and chuckers), mountain lions and desert tortoises.

5. How long does the school day last? Silver Valley High School starts every day bright and early at 7:15(sorry for those who aren’t morning people)! We get out at 2:25. Wednesday is a short day. We get out at 12:10. This is nearly everyone’s favorite day. After all, who doesn’t like to go home two hours early?

6. What about the busses? Busses will pick up as early 6:05am and will drop off around 3:30pm or so (for more information on bus routes. In the afternoon, busses will be lined up according to number. Busses 8 through 11 are Fort busses. Here’s a hint: Bus 11 is always the last in line. Just count up from that, or if you really can’t remember, ask a student or bus driver.

7. What are the Middle School and High School teens like? These kids are just like you! True, we all may be a little cranky in the morning, but everyone here is pretty easy to get along with.

8. What does Fort Irwin do? Fort Irwin is home to the world’s premier military training center, the National Training Center. We train an average of 4,000 to 6,000 soldiers per training session (rotation). These soldiers go on to serve around the world in the War on Terror. They have 1 week when they arrive to prepare, 2 weeks in the field (affectionately called the sandbox), then a week shutting down and getting ready to head home. Depending on what unit your family member is in, they may be working in the field as a teacher/controller, as an enemy or maybe in a support position, and sometimes they might have to spend the night out in the field. We have every specialty and job in the Army out here. We even have Marines, Navy and Air Force! Either way your family member will be doing a job that is essential to our post and our nation.

9. What are some cool places to hang out? On Fridays at the Fitness Connection there are "Skate Parties" we don’t really skate but you can. We just dance, talk, and hang out. On weekdays after school there is the Middle School Teen Center. We have a bowling alley, a gym, and two swimming pools. There is a lot to do.

10. What are some cool places to visit? Las Vegas, Victorville, Los Angeles, Anaheim (Disneyland), Big Bear, San Diego, Palm Springs, Hollywood, Death Valley. These are within a few hours from our post.

11. How do teens dress? There are no uniforms. Everyone has their own style. Be you!

12. What are the academic requirements at Fort Irwin? The requirements are that you must have a 2.0 GPA and no F’s to play sports and pass your level grade.

If interested in becoming a Youth Sponsor or requesting Youth Sponsorship, please contact the Fort Irwin School Liaison Officer at Email

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