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                                 Claims Division


The Claims Division provides support to potential claimants within the Fort Irwin community. This support includes notifying claimants of procedures involved in filing claims for damage to household goods and privately owned vehicles shipped at government expense; filing claims that have arisen due to unusual or unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, Acts of God, vandalism and thefts on the military installation; and reviewing and approving claims for damage to property and personal injury, which are a result of negligently performed military activities. The office also recovers funds from the carrier industry for damage to household goods.


The Claims Division processes four broad categories of claims:

1. Tort Claims - Claims against the U.S. for personal injury, death, or property damage caused by the negligence of military personnel acting in the scope of employment or occurring incident to the noncombat operations of the armed services.  These include claims under the Military Claims Act, the Federal Tort Claims Act, the National Guard Claims Act, the Foreign Claims Act, and a number of other claims statutes.

2. Personnel Claims - Claims against the U.S. filed by soldiers, DA civilians, and other military personnel for loss and damage of personal property occurring incident to service.  These include claims for damage to household goods during a PCS move.

3. Affirmative Claims - Claims on behalf of the U.S. against negligent third parties for damage to military property or injury to military personnel.

4. Article 139 Claims - Article 139 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice allows commanders to investigate claims filed by victims of a wrongful taking or willful destruction of property committed by Soldiers.  If the claim is substantiated, the victim can be paid directly from the wrongdoer’s military pay.


Contact Information

Phone: (760) 380-3614

Fax: (760) 380-5034


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 0830 – 1600

We are closed on all Federal Holidays and have limited availability on training holidays.



Building 288, Barstow Road.  We are directly across from the Military Police Station.


Information Papers

·         Claims Intake Procedures

·         Household Good Claims

·         Personal Damage & Loss Claims

·         Private Insurance & Claims


Claims Forms

·         DD Form 1842

·         DD Form 1844

·         Standard Form 95



Click here to file a claim with the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3)

Click here to file a claim with the Personnel Claims Online Filing Database (PCLAIMS)


 Interactive Cutomer Evaluation





This website was updated on 28 November 2011

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