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Wranglers Leader Training Program

Mission: Provide an enhanced training opportunity for Brigade and Battalion Commanders, their staffs, and maneuver Company Commanders and Command Sergeants Major to prepare for their NTC rotation.

NTC’s Leader Training Program (LTP) is one of most successful, long-standing programs the Army offers Company and field grade Commanders, battle staffs, and Command Sergeants Major.  First organized as the FORSCOM Leader Training Program (FLTP) over 20 years ago, NTC has improved the program and facilities ever since.  Today, LTP continues to offer leaders of Active and Reserve Component Regimental and Brigade Combat Teams unparalleled training opportunity.

LTP’s primary focus is on preparing Company through Brigade Commanders, their staffs and Command Sergeants Major execute their war fighting duties and on team building.  A team of highly experienced, retired military coaches facilitates LTP’s sessions that are characterized as intense and fast-paced.  Together with the unit’s leadership, coaches provide a week long training event that is an extremely meaningful and rewarding experience.  

The program consists of four different tracks - BCT, Company Team Commander, Combat Service Support, and a Command Sergeants Major track.  The common thread linking all of LTP's tracks is the execution of troop leading procedures, in particular, the Military Decision Making Process.  Team building occurs every day!

Units attending LTP accomplish their training objectives by focusing on how the OPFOR fights; the application of doctrine; tactics, techniques and procedures; troop leading procedures; parallel planning; reconnaissance; and rehearsals.  The training week culminates with a BCT Command Leadership and Staff war fighting exercise (JCATS simulated), and a series of execution-based AARs at the Company, Task Force, Battalion, and Brigade level.

The links to the right will offer you an overview of the program, the LTP Handbook and a contact roster.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything further that we can do to assist your schedule deployment to your scheduled LTP training session.

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