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OPS Group Commander
Observer/Coach Trainer Academy
Bronco Team - Brigade Training Team
Cobra Team - Cavalry Task Force Training Team
Dragon Team - Live Fire Training Team
Eagle Team - Aviation Task Force Training Team
Goldminer Team - Support Battalion Training Team
Lizard Team - Division Staff / Scenario Development Team
Lynx Team - Center for Army Lessons Learned Team
Panther Team- Combined Arms Training Team
Raven Team - Air Force TACP / Weather Training Team
Scorpion Team - Armor Task Force Training Team
Sidewinder Team - BSTB / Engineer Task Force Training Team
Tarantula Team - Infantry Task Force Training Team
Vulture Team - Simulation and Communication Support
Wolf Team - Field Artillery Task Force Training Team
Wrangler Team - Leader Training Program Team
USAF Weather - Fort Irwin

Tarantula Team Image

Mission: Train Light, Airborne, Air Assault, Mechanized, and Armored Task Forces and Cavalry Squadrons, based on Doctrine, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures in order to improve their war fighting capability, and ensure they depart the National Training Center ready to train. 

Team Goal…Ensure team mission success in safety and training by observing, collecting, analyzing and providing feedback to rotational units using After Action Reviews (AARs) and Take Home packages.

Tarantula Team AKO Communities & Knowledge Centers



Tarantula 07 (Team Lead)
BB: 760-464-6398
Work:  760-380-5562

Tarantula 40 (SGM OC/T)
BB: 760-401-6749
Work: 760-380-4304

Tarantula 02 (XO OC/T)
BB: 760-685-3543
Work: 760-380-5563

Tarantula 03 (S3 OC/T)
BB: 760-267-0226
Work: 760-380-4303

In order to contact OC/Ts during a rotation please contact the Tarantula Training Analysis and Feedback Facility (TAFF).

Tarantula 7T (TAFF OIC)
Work: 760-380-4835

Tarantula T03T (TAFF CIV Lead)
Work: 760-380-4835

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