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Observer/Coach Trainer Academy
Bronco Team - Brigade Training Team
Cobra Team - Cavalry Task Force Training Team
Dragon Team - Live Fire Training Team
Eagle Team - Aviation Task Force Training Team
Goldminer Team - Support Battalion Training Team
Lizard Team - Division Staff / Scenario Development Team
Lynx Team - Center for Army Lessons Learned Team
Panther Team- Combined Arms Training Team
Raven Team - Air Force TACP / Weather Training Team
Scorpion Team - Armor Task Force Training Team
Sidewinder Team - BSTB / Engineer Task Force Training Team
Tarantula Team - Infantry Task Force Training Team
Vulture Team - Simulation and Communication Support
Wolf Team - Field Artillery Task Force Training Team
Wrangler Team - Leader Training Program Team
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Recent Sidewinder Publications:

Engineer Magazine:

LTC Jason A. Kirk and CPT Clint W. Brown: Combined Arms Breaching in the Decisive Action Training Environment: Welcome Back to the Dance Floor

Lessons learned in combined arms breaching with the newly fielded assault breacher vehicle (ABV) during NTC Rotation 12-05, Decisive Action Training Environment.


Center for Army Lessons Learned:

Sidewinder Articles on a variety of insights learned during NTC Rotation 12-05, Decisive Action against Hybrid Threats. This gathering of tactics, techniques, procedures (TTP) and observations, insights and lessons (OIL) from the experience of a heavy brigade combat team conducting wide area security and combined arms maneuver during its rotation at NTC is the first NTC rotation in over six years that had a focus other than counter insurgency.

CPT Kristina L. Stokes: Challenges of a Military Intelligence Company in a Decisive Action Environment


MAJ Gerald Law: Nonlethal Engagement Area Development


MAJ Todd Polk: Brigade Special Troops Battalion Operations in the Decisive Action Training Environment: Doing More with Less


CPT David Duncan: Explosive Ordnance Disposal Integration in the Decisive Action Training Environment


MAJ Paul Thiessen: Integrating a Key Enabler: Military Police in the Decisive Action Training Environment

MAJ John Collins: Roles of the Brigade Combat Team Engineer Coordinator in Decisive Action


Sidewinder Mission:

The Sidewinder team is the National Training Center's training team for Brigade Special Troops Battalions (BSTBs) in the HBCT and IBCT. The Sidewinder team provides expert Observer Coach/Trainers (OC/Ts) to coach, mentor, train, and provide feedback to BSTBs in order to prepare them for full spectrum of combat operations. The team also trains the echelon above brigade enablers such as additional engineer and military police units as well as military working dog teams. On order, the Sidewinder team task organizes to provide OC/Ts to support Stryker Infantry Battalions and Engineer Battalions. The Sidewinder team also serves as the National Training Center's lead integrator for collective C-IED training.


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