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Observer/Coach Trainer Academy
Bronco Team - Brigade Training Team
Cobra Team - Cavalry Task Force Training Team
Dragon Team - Live Fire Training Team
Eagle Team - Aviation Task Force Training Team
Goldminer Team - Support Battalion Training Team
Lizard Team - Division Staff / Scenario Development Team
Lynx Team - Center for Army Lessons Learned Team
Panther Team- Combined Arms Training Team
Raven Team - Air Force TACP / Weather Training Team
Scorpion Team - Armor Task Force Training Team
Sidewinder Team - BSTB / Engineer Task Force Training Team
Tarantula Team - Infantry Task Force Training Team
Vulture Team - Simulation and Communication Support
Wolf Team - Field Artillery Task Force Training Team
Wrangler Team - Leader Training Program Team
USAF Weather - Fort Irwin

Observer/Coach Trainer Academy


Welcome: On behalf of Col. Calvert and Brig. Gen. Ferrell, welcome to the Observer/Coach Trainer Academy. The single most important resource here at the National Training Center is the young men and women that make up our training teams and observe/coach our Army on the skill sets that will enable them to survive and win in their preparation for deployment.

Certification Requirements:


Phase 1 - The Observer/Coach Trainer Academy provides the institutional knowledge governing the “Be, Know and Do” of training techniques and procedures designed for combat trainers at the National Training Center. 


Hours of Operations:

Monday 0600-1600 hours
Tuesday 0600-1600 hours
Wednesday     0600-1600 hours
Thursday 0600-1600 hours
Friday 0600-1600 hours
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Wrangler ( Observer/Coach Trainer Academy) Team AKO Communities & Knowledge Centers

For more information call COMM 760 380-6195
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