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11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
916th Support Brigade
916th Support Brigade Commander
916th Support Brigade CSM
916 Support Brigade Phone Roster
1916 Support Battalion Commander
1916th Support Battalion CSM
2916th Aviation Battalion Commander
2916th Aviation Battalion CSM
Operations Group
Family Readiness Groups
Army Retention

     Sustainer 6 Command Focus






An exemplary unit made up of professionals that are well led, well trained, can maintain systems in a high state of readiness and are able to take care of each other. All units assigned to the 916th SB will be resourced and trained in order to support NTC rotational unit’s training. We will be trained and ready for any mission, any-time, anywhere, and ensure we are technically and tactically proficient in order to integrate and synchronize the sustainment functions with the other war fighting functions to fight and win.




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