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Contact Information

E-Mail the Commander
  Commander:  (760)-380-3682
DSN:  460-3682
E-Mail the 1SG
1st Sergeant:  (760)-380-3684
DSN:  460-3684


Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, "HELLFIGHTERS," is organized as a legacy Headquarters and Headquarters Troop that includes a Scout Platoon, Mortar Platoon, Medical Platoon, Support Platoon, Maintenance Platoon and all the Command and Control and Combat Service Support elements for the Squadron with a total authorized strength of 371 Soldiers, NCOs and Officers. HHT fulfills two missions; our first priority is to support and sustain Squadron level Operations, our second mission is to provide Trooper’s to occupy towns in the training area with civilians on the battlefield and conduct insurgent operations providing world class training to rotational Brigade Combat Teams.

Medical Platoon:

The medical platoon has a variety of tasks that support the squadron at all times to include: sick call, range coverage, gunneries, green for maneuver training, black horse stakes, observer controller airborne operations, and most importantly, taking care of the regiment during force-on-force rotations. They also teach a monthly combat lifesaver’s course as well as a refresher course, while providing all the Class VIII support. The OPFOR mission includes training the incoming task forces on how to be successful on the battlefield, so that when the BLUEFOR unit goes to battle, they will know how to win and survive on the battlefield. The medics are not out for the training aspect; they are there to ensure soldiers are returned to duty as soon as possible when they are injured on the battlefield. The platoon leader and platoon sergeant work together to ensure that the medical platoon is supporting its tasking on one hand, while continuously providing realistic training for the medics on the other. Additionally, they provide medical statistics for the Squadron Commander to give him an indication of the 1/11 ACR’s medical readiness level. The 700 medical records are kept and maintained at the Regimental Aid Station (RAS). The Physician Assistant (PA) is the medical expert of the squadron and works at the RAS. The PA(s) from both squadrons handle all sick call for the entire regiment. On monthly bases, these two health care professionals see up to 600 soldiers. The 1/11 PA provides training for all the medics who work with him during sick call.

Mortar Platoon:

The mission of the 120mm Mortar Platoon is two-fold. First, the mission is to replicate notional Regimental Artillery Fires. Second, the mission is to deploy on to the NTC Battle Field as an OPFOR Mortar Battery to provide close, responsive and accurate indirect fire support for the Motorized Rifle Battalions of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. In addition, the Battery has the mission to conduct quality, performance oriented mortar training to prepare these soldiers for success in follow-on duty assignments.

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