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Army Traffic Safety Training Program


If you are a Soldier, riding a motorcycle is a privilege, not a right. There is mandatory training that MUST be accomplished prior to operating a POM, (Privately Owned Motorcycle). The enrollment and registration process can be simplified greatly by contacting your unit Motorcycle Mentor.  Follow the link provided below for class dates, times and other important information. Select a date that agrees with mission OPTEMPO and complete the registration paperwork. Be sure to include 1SG/CO memo authorizing your attendance and registration form. Below you will find a brief description of the courses offered at Fort Irwin and instructions for attendance. All classes are held in B1207, Normandy Drive. 


Registration Click Here


BRC - Basic Riders Course:
This class is mandatory for all Soldiers who wish to ride motorcycles. No experience in motorcycle operation is necessary for attendance. The course sets the basic groundwork for safe operation of a motorcycle on the street. Those with some experience will likely be challenged as well. The course is 2 days in length.  Motorcycles and PPE will be provided. You must wear over the ankle boots and a long sleeve shirt and long pants. 



 ERC – Experienced Rider Course:
The ERC is a check to see if you have applied the techniques learned in the BRC to your own ride. The ERC can also be used to detect and correct incorrect technique or bad habits. This course is mandatory within 12 months of BRC completion for riders of standard, touring, or cruiser motorcycles and is conducted on your own street legal motorcycle. The course is approximately ½ day. Students will bring their own PPE and motorcycle. Bring license, insurance, registration, ID and a memorandum from your Commander authorizing your attendance.

MSRC – Military Sport Bike Riders Course
The MSRC builds upon the BRC techniques and assumes a reasonable level of proficiency and desire to learn advanced control technique and maneuvers. This course is one day in duration and is mandatory for all Sport Bike Riders within 12 months of BRC completion utilizing your own street legal motorcycle and PPE. Bring license, insurance, registration, ID and a memorandum from your Commander authorizing your attendance.

Please refer to the following WEB SITE for course dates and times. You need to enroll a minimum of ten days prior to course start date at the following WEB SITE:


Once enrolled, you will receive an email indicating your enrollment status. Dates are subject to change due to rotation schedule changes, adverse weather conditions, and other factors that may affect scheduling. Registration will change in the very near future to DTMS. We will keep you posted when that change occurs.

*Family Members, DOD Employee’s & Retiree’s please call 380-7708/6024 for class dates and registration information.


ATV Safety Training is typically the last Thursday of the month and Dirt Bike Safety Training is the last Friday of every month. To register for these class please call 760-380-7708.

Start Times:

May-Sept 0700

Oct - April 0800

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This training is completed utilizing your personal ATV/ Motorcycle. Riders will provide all necessary. You must complete T-CLOCS (preventive maintenance) on your equipment. The trainer will inspect your equipment and can deny training based on serviceability of your equipment. This ATV/Dirt Bike Safety Course typically last 4 hours. The course is situated near the Fort Irwin entrance. Once you enter the installation turn left on NASA Road. You will see the course ¼ mile down on your right.


The classes below are offered at Garrison Safety, Building 1207, Normandy Drive

Local Hazards Training
All Army personnel who are newly assigned to an Army installation/theater will receive a briefing on the local driving hazards they may encounter while serving at that installation. This class is offered every Friday at 0830.

Driver Improvement Training/Remedial Driver Training
For military or civilian personnel who, while operating a Government Motor Vehicle (GMV), have been convicted of a moving traffic violation or have been determined to have been at fault in a traffic mishap. Military personnel that have been identified as “high risk” by their Commander are highly encouraged to attend.

*The classes below are offered on-line using the link provided.

Intermediate Drivers Training
All newly assigned Soldiers less than 26 years of age will receive intermediate traffic safety training that reinforces the initial traffic safety training course. To register for this class, use the following link:

*In order to obtain a license, follow the procedures below:

Accident Avoidance Course
Anyone operating an Army Motor Vehicle (AMV) must first complete the online accident avoidance course as part of licensing procedures. The training includes mishap risk management component of CRM, personal responsibility, driving hazard awareness, defensive driving techniques, accident avoidance, and motorcycle safety. Log in to AKO, select self service and my education. Click on the ALMS logo in the upper right hand corner. Click “catalog search.” Type “avoid” into the search bar. The Accident Avoidance will appear. Register and complete the course. Your certificate of training is necessary to obtain a license.

Once you have completed Local Hazards and Accident Avoidance training, bring all certificates of training along with your current driver’s license to the Transportation Motor Pool, Bldg 866 for licensing

For more information please call (760) 380-7708/6024/6154.

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