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  Applying for a Government Credit Card: There are two steps to getting a card. In the first step you must fill out the attached application up through the AKO email address. The attached Statement of Understanding requires you to read the information at the web site and then read and initial all the blocks on the Statement of Understanding. You must also sign the bottom left hand side. The supervisor signature on this is only required for E-6 and below. Then you must complete the training course titled "Programs and Policies - Travel Card Program (Travel Card 101) (Mandatory)on the attached web site.  These forms are all in the document attached entitled Step 1.

The two forms and the certificate must be returned to Bldg 988, G8 Manpower Division.  Upon receipt I will explain Step 2 which is an electronic process that requires you to insert information into an email you receive from Citibank. The email is initiated after we receive your Step 1 forms.

It then goes to you supervisor to approve, back to G8 for verification and then on to Citibank.  Upon receipt at Citibank it will be 7-10 business day until the card is delivered to your mailing address.

Step 1

Step 2 

  Transferring Your Card: When you arrive at Fort Irwin it is part of your in-processing to transfer your government travel credit card into Ft. Irwin’s hierarchy. 

To do this you must complete the attached application cover sheet up through the AKO email address.  On the Statement of Understanding you must initial all the statements to the left and sign and date the bottom of the form.  When transferring in we do not require the signature of your supervisor

The training requirement for this card is once every three years.  In addition to the two forms above a copy of your training certificate must be provided.  If your certificate is not current or close to expiration you will have to redo your training and obtain an updated certificate for the course titled "Programs and Policies – Travel Card Program (Travel Card 101) (Mandatory).”  This course can be found at the attached training web site under training.  A copy of your most recent training certificate can also be found at this site under “My Completed Training.”

The two forms and the certificate must be returned to Bldg 988, G8 Manpower Division to complete the transfer. 

Transfer Forms





DMPO Travel and In/Out Processing:

  • Customer Service 760-380-3368
  • Travel Pay 760-380-5582/3377/5091/4307

Note: If you are using your GTCC for PCS, the DMPO must first calculate your entitlments.

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