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                  U.S. Army Trial Defense Service


                             Region West, Fort Irwin Branch Office


                                         "DEFENDING THOSE WHO DEFEND AMERICA"



TDS Vision:

A vibrant, value-based, Active and Reserve Component integrated organization of the best military justice practitioners in the world that provides the highest quality representation to our clients while growing the next generation of JAG Corps leaders and their families and restoring excellence in the practice of military justice in the Army.


TDS Mission:

To provide defense legal services to Soldiers as required by law or as authorized by The Judge Advocate General.


The TDS mission is to provide a full-range of defense legal services to Soldiers serving in numerous commands worldwide. These services include:

  • Representing Soldiers charged with military criminal offenses at trial;
  • Representing Soldiers during criminal investigations and before elimination or grade reduction boards;

·         Counseling Soldiers regarding pretrial restraint, nonjudicial punishment, and various adverse administrative actions taken pursuant to military regulations.



The Trial Defense Service (TDS) provides defense counsel to Soldiers under investigation of alleged UCMJ violations, facing judicial or non-judicial proceedings, or administrative actions against them.  TDS offers support by representing Soldiers in Article 32 investigations, courts-martial, and administrative boards.  Additionally, TDS advises and assists Soldiers with Article 15 proceedings, administrative separations (chapters), reprimands, and other adverse actions.  We also advise Soldiers who have been informed they may be a suspect of a crime and have requested counsel and Soldiers who reasonably believe they may face adverse action.


The Fort Irwin Branch Office provides defense services to active duty Soldiers throughout California and Nevada, including all recruiters and AGR service members. If you are on Title 10 status we are here to assist you.  All other service members may contact us with questions or concerns and we will assist you in locating an office to address your needs.


Temporary duty away from Fort Irwin is very common among military attorneys.  To better serve the command, Fort Irwin TDS operates within TDS "Region West" bringing together elements of the Fort Lewis, Fort Wainwright, Fort Richardson, and Hawaii TDS offices to assist in defense matters.  Offices within the TDS Region West can provide Article 15 and separation counseling support at Fort Irwin via teleconferences as needed.



Contact Information

Phone: (760) 380-3282

Fax: (760) 380-5901


Hours of Operation

Monday, Friday:  appointment only

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:  0900 – 1700

Closed daily from 1130-1300

We are closed on all Federal Holidays and have limited availability on training holidays.



Building 288, Barstow Road.  We are directly across from the Military Police Station.



To meet mission requirements we have established the following schedule to provide services:


Article 15 Counseling:
Tuesday and Wednesday
:  0900-0920

Briefing begins promptly at 0920.  Anyone not signed in by 0920 will be turned away until the next available briefing.


Administrative Separation (Chapter) Counseling:
Tuesday and Thursday
1300-1320

Briefing begins promptly at 1320.  Anyone not signed in by 1320 will be turned away until the next available briefing.


Soldiers must have their original Article 15/separation packet with them when they arrive to include all evidence the Command intends to use against the Soldier.  Please assist us by ensuring Soldiers have had an opportunity to review their entire action prior to their visit.  Ensure Soldiers bring all documents they wish to discuss with an attorney with them to their appointment.


**Soldiers who have been advised they are a suspect of a crime or may be facing adverse action, may come to the office anytime for “suspect rights” counseling.**






This website was updated on 28 November 2011


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