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· Black Employment Program (BEP) (1-28 February)
· Federal Women’s Program (FWP) (1-31 March)
· Asian/Pacific Islander Employment Program (AA/PIEP) (1-31 May)
· Hispanic Employment Program (HEP) (15 September-15 October)
· Program for Individuals with Disabilities (PIWD) (1-31 October)
· American Indian/Alaskan Native Employment Program (AI/ANEP) (1-30 November)

The Special Emphasis Programs were established to call    attention to the employment concerns of specific groups in the Federal Government.  Their basic objectives are to        assure equal employment opportunities in all areas of      Federal employment to identify barriers to the recruitment and advancement of members of the specific group, devise solutions, and to implement the solutions.  The SEPs do not advocate special treatment for any specific group.  The SEP’s goal is to bring the group into full representation in Federal employment.

NOTE:  If you are interested in participating on any of the Special Emphasis Program committees to assist in planning various events, please contact the EEO Office, Building 577, Southloop & , or call 380-4961 or 380-3778.

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